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Unit 1 - Day 6

Writing an AP Calc Assessment 
  • Include calculator and non-calculator items

  • Include multiple choice and free response items

  • Write questions that reflect learning targets and success criteria

  • Determine scoring rubric for FRQs before administering the assessment (see below)

Questions to Include
  • Evaluating limits by appropriate methods (direct substitution, algebraic manipulation, memorized limits, trig identities, graphical or tabular methods, using limit properties) 

  • Estimating instantaneous rate of change from tabular data

  • Items requiring correct limit notation

  • Scaffolded free response question(s)

Grading Tips

We recommend that you prepare a rubric for the free response items before you begin grading your quizzes or tests. Know what information is necessary for a complete and correct response and award points when a student presents that information. Many of the “Why did I get marked down?” questions are eliminated when you share the components that earn points.  


The first assessment of the year is a “wake up” call for many students who have chosen not to practice the skills presented so far (they’ve never done homework before and mistakenly believe that strategy will continue to bring them success in an AP classroom) or have not developed effective study strategies.  For students who did not meet success on this first quiz, please consider:

  • a private conversation with the student to design a plan for success

  • communication with parents about successful study strategies and the need for practice

  • reinforcing the importance of understanding the “Important Ideas” from each lesson

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