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Review Topics 1.1-1.16

Unit 1 - Day 17


The second day of review can include activities designed to meet the specific needs of students. Our students will be processing their solutions to problems from the question bank (PPCs) that were assigned last night.  We will focus on precise vocabulary, correct notation, and complete justifications when using the Squeeze Theorem and the IVT. 

In addition to assigned review problems, students will be directed to focus their energies on the “Important Ideas” developed throughout Unit 1. These are the most important concepts of each topic and should serve as the basis for their study. 

Teaching Tips

​We recommend keeping review days as student-centered as possible. Although standing at the board answering homework questions may be exactly what the students are asking you to do, it rarely keeps all students actively thinking and participating. If you choose to go over homework problems, try to have students explain their solutions to others and fill in only when necessary. Furthermore, instead of going over individual questions directly from the homework, see if you can identify a theme in the questions being asked and then review that topic again with a new problem (for example, limit questions with conjugates or justifying a theorem).

Student Misconceptions

Students often struggle with knowing how to study for a math test. In many cases, they have not needed to study a lot for previous math courses. We sometime suggest to our students that they make their own review sheets on blank pieces of paper by summarizing the big ideas of the unit and organizing the important details under these big ideas. They should also work through several practice problems, treating them as if they were test questions. It is important that students work the problem all the way to the end before consulting an answer key of any kind. Often times students have a false sense of what they actually know because they skim the answer key and conclude that it all makes sense to them.

Suggested Homework

We recommend that students study their activity sheets and rework the Check Your Understanding problems (since they should have all the correct answers to check their work!). You could also select additional problems from the AP question bank, which can be assigned electronically or on paper.

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