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APSI Resources

Calc Medic has the tools, tips, and resources you need to lead a student-centered Calculus classroom.

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What is Calc Medic?

​Calc Medic was founded to support new and experienced AP Calculus and AP Precalculus teachers with the resources they need to teach their courses and develop their own professional practice. We make ready-to-use lessons that have students investigating ideas before the teacher formalizes the learning with academic vocabulary, notation, and formulas that help students generalize their findings.

Calc Medic has daily lesson plans for 150 Days of AP Calculus and 150 Days of AP Precalculus. These lessons are directly aligned with the  College Board CEDs.


Every lesson has:

  • A printable classroom activity for students 

  • An answer key with sample student responses, teacher notes, and important talking points

  • A blog post with teaching tips, content overview, and common student misconceptions

Calc Medic Top Resources:​​
  1. Calc Medic Lesson Plans for AP Calculus and AP Precalculus - A lesson for every topic of the College Board's CED

  2. Calc Medic AP Exam Online Review Course - The best way for students to prepare for the AP Exam!

  3. Calc Medic FRQ Search Tool - a list of every released AP Calculus Exam FRQ organized by unit, topic, content, and FRQ type

  4. Calc Medic Teacher Community on Facebook for AP Calc and AP Precalc - Amazing, supportive teachers who use Calc Medic. 

  5. Resources for the Start of a School Year - Everything you need to launch your school year

  6. Top 10 Lessons for AP Calc BC - EFFL lessons to introduce 10 of the biggest topics of AP Calc BC

  7. Activities for Four Weeks of Exam Review - Daily lesson plans for the final month before the AP Exam

  8. Calc Medic Blog Posts - Ideas to try in your classroom and updates on everything AP Calc and AP Precalc.

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