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Features of the Assessment Platform

  • Get access to pre-made homework, quizzes, and tests perfectly aligned to the Calc Medic AP Precalculus lessons

  • Modify existing assessments by adding, deleting, or swapping questions

  • Make multiple versions of quizzes and tests using the “Swap All” feature

  • Create your own assessments from our bank of high-quality questions

  • Print assessments or share with students via digital link

Get a Free Demo


Here are the three easy steps to getting a Free Demo:

  1. Go to

  2. Log-in to your Math Medic account if you have one or create a new free account. (We suggest using the same username and password as your Calc Medic account).

  3. Click "Start a Free Demo" then click the Math Medic Assessment Platform icon in the upper left corner.

1 year subscription

per teacher


Create a Math Medic account to

Create a Math Medic account to

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