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Inverses of Exponential Functions
(Lesson 5.4 Part 2)

Unit 5 Day 6
CED Topic(s):


In Quiz, Quiz, Trade, students will get a chance to practice evaluating many logarithmic expressions as well as to support their classmates through informal peer-to-peer coaching.

Activity: Quiz, Quiz, Trade



Lesson Handout


Prep: To prep for today’s activity, print one copy of the Quiz, Quiz, Trade cards on cardstock and cut them into individual cards.


Play: In Quiz, Quiz, Trade, each student is given a card with a logarithmic expression. Without help from others, the student evaluates the expression and writes their answer on a sticky note. The sticky note is then attached to the back of the card. When directed, students form pairs and show each other the fronts of their cards. Each partner takes turns reading the logarithmic expression of their partner’s card out loud and evaluating it. The person holding the card then checks their partner’s answer against the sticky note. When both parties agree on the correct answer, students exchange cards and seek a different partner. If changes are needed, students make corrections to their original answer before exchanging cards and finding a new partner. This process repeats several times. At the end of the activity, students should retrieve their original card and see if corrections or changes have been made.


You will want to model this process for students. Remind them they are listening for the correct value of the expression but also correct verbalization of the logarithm.


Use any remaining time to go over homework, answer questions, or otherwise support students in preparing for the 5.1-5.4 quiz tomorrow.

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