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Logarithm Properties (Lesson 5.6 Part 2)

Unit 5 Day 10
CED Topic(s):


In today’s activity, students work in pairs to apply logarithm properties to increasingly complex expressions. Although each partner has a different set of questions, the answers to each question number will match!

Activity: Twinning



Lesson Handout

Answer Key


Prep: Print the Partner A problem set (pgs. 1-2) for half the class and the Partner B problem set (pgs. 3-4) for the other half of the class. 


Play: Have each pair decide who will be Partner A and who will be Partner B. Students will work on the problem on their respective handout and check their answer with each other--they should match! If they don’t match, students will know that one or both of them made a mistake and they should work together to find it. Make sure students are checking their work with each other after each problem and not working individually through the whole activity before comparing answers. The activity is designed so each partner sees a variety of problem types with varying difficulty levels. They will also get to try some of their partner’s problems if they are troubleshooting mismatched answers. Be prepared to hear good discussions among partners!


We strongly suggest not posting answers to the activity, as students will feel less of a need to consult with their partner. The process of trying to identify the mistake in a solution is incredibly valuable in the learning process. The answer key has been included as a support for teachers.

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