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Unit 4 - Day 13

​Learning Objectives​
  • Review topics 4.1-4.7

  • Approach problem solving efficiently and strategically 

Quick Lesson Plan
Activity: Speed Dating


Additional Materials:


Lesson Handout

Answer Key


This unit we are dedicating our test review day to a speed dating activity. In this activity, students work on a variety of shorter problems within a time constraint, thus creating the need for efficient problem solving methods. Students rotate partners for each problem. 

Teaching Tips

In our classrooms we line up desks in pairs so that students are facing each other. One long row works best but an inner circle and an outer circle also works. Print and cut up the speed dating questions and place one question on each pair of desks. Have students choose a desk to start, then set the timer for 3-4 minutes (we tend to shorten the time from 4 to 3 minutes as the activity progresses).

Students work with their “date” on the problem at that pair of desks, keeping track of their work in the recording sheet. When the timer rings, we recommend having the outer row move one direction and the inner row move the opposite direction and keeping the question at the same desk. This way students will be working on a new problem and get a new partner.

After the speed dating activity, we recommend having students work on some released FRQ questions, either individually, in pairs, or in small groups. For questions pertaining to unit 4, we suggest 2002 AB 3ab, 2013 AB 2acd, 2016 AB 2ab, and 2017 5abc.

In addition to assigned review problems, students will be directed to focus their energies on the “Important Ideas” developed throughout Unit 4. These are the most important concepts of each topic and should serve as the basis for their study.

Speed Dating Seup

Possible Speed Dating Desk Configuration

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