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Unit 4 - Day 9

​Learning Objectives​
  • Calculate and interpret related rates in applied contexts.

​Success Criteria
  • I can identify constants and variables in an applied context.

  • I can apply the chain rule when differentiating multiple variables in a related rate problem.

Quick Lesson Plan
Activity: Around the World


Additional Materials:


Lesson Handout

Answer Key


In today’s quiz review activity, students will be traveling “around the world” to complete a series of related rate questions. Questions include the use of volume formulas, the Pythagorean theorem, and (bonus!) trigonometry and require differentiating implicitly with respect to time. 

Teaching Tips

Print the problems on construction paper, then cut them and distribute them around the room. We recommend having students work in pairs and progress at their own pace. The order in which students complete the problems is arbitrary so encourage students to go to stations where there are not a lot of others. Have students keep track of their work on the recording sheet and write their final answer in the small box at the bottom of each cell for easier grading.
Some of these problems are quite challenging! Remind students that struggling is a sign of learning!

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