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Unit 3 Review

Unit 3 Day 9
CED Topic(s): 1.12, 1.13, 1.14


Today students have the option of working on three different tasks related to the big ideas of Unit 3. You may wish to have students choose only one or two tasks, or to try all three! You could also assign any of the tasks students didn’t get to in class as optional homework.

Activity: 3 Tasks



Lesson Handout

Answer Key


Task 1 is all about modeling a real world scenario and understanding the constraints and assumptions of the model.


Task 2 is about transformations of functions. Instead of being given a parent function or an equation to be transformed, students must transform a function based on its graph. There is no formula for the function f shown, so students must understand the geometric impact of each transformation.


Task 3 is about constructing a quadratic model based on various criteria given in different representations. This task will incorporate some ideas from Unit 1 and Unit 2 as well as some Algebra 2 skills related to quadratic functions.

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