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Review Lessons 3.1 - 3.3

Unit 3 Day 5
CED Topic(s): 1.12, 1.13


This activity can be used to review parent functions, function transformations, and piecewise functions. In the first part of the activity, students will work in groups to create and graph their own transformed function using Twizzlers or Wikki-Stix. In the second part of the activity, groups will move around the room and try to write the equation for each graph.

Activity: Twizzler Graphs



Lesson Handout

Additional Materials:


Prep: For today’s activity you will need pull-apart Twizzlers or Wikki-Stix, 1 cm by 1 cm graph paper (see additional materials), rulers, sticky notes, and sheets of paper for students to record each group’s equation (see additional materials).



  1. Divide the class into groups of 2-4 students. We recommend having a total of at least 6 groups. Assign each group a number.

  2. Give each group a Pull-n-Peel Twizzler (or Wikki-Stix) and a sheet of centimeter graph paper (see Additional Materials).

  3. Have each group sketch and label their  and axis and write their group number on the top of the graph.

  4. The group will design a function equation that meets the guidelines (next page). The equation should NOT be written on the graph paper.

  5. Students may choose to write a piecewise function but there should be no more than 3 parts to the function and the equation of each “piece” should be identifiable on the given domain.

  6. The group will then graph their function on the graph paper using their Twizzler. The scale will be assumed to be 1 unless otherwise labeled.

  7. When complete, the graph must be approved by the teacher before the activity can continue. Do not reveal what is incorrect about the graph but encourage group collaboration to improve. When the graph is approved, the group will write their equation and group number on a sticky note and hand it in to the teacher.

  8. Once all groups have created functions and graphs (and they have been approved), the activity is ready to begin!

  9. Give each group a copy of the recording sheet to record their answers (see Additional Materials). Alternatively, you could have groups number a blank sheet of paper with the number of groups in the room and put all of their names at the top.

  10. Have each group start at a station different from their own. Once the activity begins, there can only be one group at a graph at a time. The goal is to determine the equation of the graph and to write it on their paper for that group number.

  11. Allow about 1 minute for the groups to analyze the first graph. When the time is up, all groups should rotate to the next graph to analyze it.

  12. Repeat the process until all groups have seen all graphs.

  13. Now it is time to determine the winner! The correct equation for each graph will be revealed and the groups will score their responses. The group with the most correct equations wins.

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