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Unit 8 - Day 7

Quick Lesson Plan
Activity: Stations Review 8.4-8.6



  • Copies of the practice problems posted throughout the room/hallway

  • An answer sheet for each student

  • Calculators


Lesson Handout

Answer Key


Small groups will rotate through eight stations today as they prepare for tomorrow’s Quiz 8.4 - 8.6. The review problems are designed to cover all the learning targets and success criteria from Topics 8.4 - 8.6 and will likely challenge students of all abilities! 

Teaching Tips

Time allowed for work at each station will depend on the needs and skills of your students. Instead of having each group transition after an allotted time, consider allowing pairs of students to travel on their own, going to any open station once they have completed a problem. If time or room constraints prevent you from creating small groups for today’s activity, you can distribute copies of the problems to students for individual or small group work at their desks. 

Students should have access to the solutions before taking the quiz. You might consider placing the solution steps and/or answer to each question near the original problem in an envelope so students can check their progress at each station before moving on to the next question.  Or, alternatively, provide an answer sheet or facilitate class discussion to clear up any confusion. 

Student Misconceptions

Move through the classroom while students work to note important aspects of group conversations: What do students understand well? What concepts are still unclear? Are there common errors made by many groups? Should certain calculator skills be reviewed before the quiz? Are drawings and sketches up to your expectations? Then address concerns with individual students or with the entire class.

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