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Ultimate Castle Attack

Castle Attack is one of our students' favorite games, so we wanted to bring you one final Castle Attack game that would serve as review of several AP Calculus concepts. You'll find content from CED units 2-6 in these questions, so get ready for some ULTIMATE review.


For this version of Castle Attack, each team will need one copy of the function stems. This page introduces functions h, f, j, g, and k given in different representations. All the questions in this activity are based on these five functions.

Before the game begins, print and cut up the Castle Attack problems, (A through V) making sure you have enough copies for each group to have each problem. Arrange the stacks of papers face-down on a table or desk near the front of the room close to where you are standing where students have easy access.                      

How to Play

Form teams of 3 or 4 students and give students 60 seconds to draw a castle on the board for their team. During the course of the game, teams will be able to change their own score and manipulate the score of their competition. Give each team 3 marks (stars, X’s, smiley faces, etc.) to represent their three lives.


To start the competition, a representative of each team runs to the front table, chooses one problem, and goes back to their team to work on the problem together. You can have students work on mini whiteboards, in notebooks, or right on the paper. Emphasize to students that all group members should be working on the problem, not just one or two.


When completed, the team representative shows the answer to the teacher.


If the problem is not correct, the representative returns to the team and they continue working. Do not tell them what is incorrect about their solution.

If the question is correct, the representative can either remove two lives from a different team (or one each from two different teams) or add one life on to their own. A new representative should now come to the table to choose a new problem. The order in which students complete the problems does not matter.


The competition ends when only one team is still alive. (Or whoever has the most lives by the end of the game--to keep students practicing for the whole hour we say groups can still solve problems to “resurrect” themselves and come back to the game).


Questions Stems

Answer Key


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