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Calc Medic QuickNotes for AP Precalculus

Updated: Jun 13

Students often ask us if we have a “study guide” for different units or even the entire course. Traditionally, we have deferred and told them they can find everything they need in the completed lessons (which is entirely true)! But we also know that not all of our students keep their lessons neat and organized. Even if they did, the number of activities can be overwhelming–and they often find they only need quick reminders of each lesson instead of an in-depth review of the entire activity. When we asked students what they look at the most for studying, they overwhelmingly say the QuickNotes box at the end of the activity.

The Calc Medic QuickNotes for AP Precalculus are now available at the end of each unit, and also as a single pdf file for the full course.

About the Calc Medic QuickNotes

Our goal here was to get all the key content of each lesson in one place, to serve as a study guide and a quick reference for students, without needing to sort through a bunch of packets. We’ve taken the QuickNotes boxes from every Calc Medic activity in the AP Precalculus course so the students can quickly see the most important information from each lesson.

How to Use the Calc Medic QuickNotes

  • To review for a unit test. Remember that the QuickNotes are organized by unit, in the order of the lessons. This means that you can easily give students the relevant pages they need to help them get ready for assessments throughout the school year. You can also grab the QuickNotes summary at the end of each unit.

  • To review for a midterm exam or final exam. For the midterm exam, use the pages for any unit you have covered as a study guide. To help students prepare for the final exam, just give them the entire packet.

  • To get ready for the AP Exam! These QuickNotes represent the essential content necessary for students to be successful on the AP Exam. We recommend students use this document as a checklist to make sure they are fully prepared before walking into the AP exam room.

Check out the compiled list of all the QuickNotes from every lesson of the course!

For other ideas on how to review for the AP Exam, check out the resources in the Calc Medic AP Exam Review Course.

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