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Calc Medic Ultimate Review Circuit for AP Precalculus

As we're nearing the final weeks before the AP Exam, we love doing review activities that challenge students to think about content from the whole year. Nothing does that better than one of Virge Cornelius' review circuits! Today we're bringing you the Calc Medic Ultimate Review Circuit for AP Precalculus, that covers content from all 8 units of AP Precalculus!

What is a Circuit?

Virge Cornelius explains:

"You might know what a circuit is at a gym – a prescribed set of exercises to build strength and endurance. The great thing about a circuit is that because the routine changes every few minutes or so, the athlete does not get bored. In addition, the skilled trainer who designs the circuit tries to get the most “bang for the buck”. In other words, over the course of the entire circuit, there will be an effort to work as many muscles as possible, and in some cases, work two or three muscle groups at a time. Or, a muscle group and balance. Or, balance and cardio. You get the idea.

But what is a mathematical circuit? Like a circuit at the gym, it’s a prescribed set of exercises designed for review and/or procedural fluency. Students (and teachers) start in the first cell, work the problem and then search for their answer. Once they've found the answer, they mark that box as # 2 and proceed with the problem in the box. They will continue in this manner until they end up back at the first square, thus completing the circuit."

One of our favorite features of circuits is that they're self-checking. If students end up at the first square without having completed all the problems, they know they made a mistake somewhere and can go back and re-assess their work.


Answer Key

Suggestions for Using the Circuit with Students

  • Have students work on the circuit in pairs or small groups. You'll hear great conversations among students and engagement is always high.

  • The answers are written to be intentionally similar and draw out common misconceptions, so don't be nervous if most of your groups have to course-correct at some point during the circuit. This is where the real learning happens!

  • Have students write on whiteboards or vertical non-permanent surfaces to quickly assess the progress of various groups.

  • Go through the circuit on your own first! This will make you aware of places students may get stuck and get you an answer key at the same time.

Loved this circuit? Check out Virge's other Calc Medic circuits in the Unit 1 Review and the Unit 7 Review.

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2 commenti

25 apr

Sarah, your helpfulness and generosity are unmatched. This is a super resource, and yes, Virge is amazing!! I especially like that last piece of navigational advice: "Go through the circuit on your own first! This will make you aware of places students may get stuck and get you an answer key at the same time." There are few sentences more empowering for a student to hear their teacher say than, "Yeah, I stumbled on that one, too, when I did this circuit...made me have to rewrite four problems over again!" Tasks are important (rich, conversation-promoting, etc.). So are methods (VNPSs, small groups, etc.). But often overlooked is the stance, disposition, attitude, etc. that WE MODEL as teachers for OUR ENGAGEMENT…

Mi piace
Virge Cornelius
Virge Cornelius
25 apr
Risposta a

I couldn't agree with this more! I even rework my own circuits all the time and get "stuck"! It is so satifying to get "unstuck".

Mi piace
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