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Calc Medic Guided Notes for AP Daily Videos for AP Precalculus

Updated: Jun 13

The College Board just released AP Daily videos for every topic covered in the Course and Exam Description (CED) for AP Precalculus. We have heard from many teachers who really appreciate having this resource available, but want to make sure students have some kind of artifact to refer back to later to remember what they learned. We are hoping that the Calc Medic Guided Notes are the solution!

Currently all the notes for CED Units 1, 2, and 3 (Calc Medic Units 1-8) are available. We will be updating the page with content for CED Unit 4 as soon as it's ready!

Special thanks to all-star educators Ted Gott and Leigh Nataro for helping us create this incredible resource.

What are the AP Daily Videos?

The AP Daily videos are short 5 - 10 minute videos found in AP Classroom that cover all of the content in the AP Precalculus course. The videos are presented by several teachers from around the country (including Calc Medic's Sarah Stecher!) These videos are intended to be a supplement to what you are already doing with students (and not a replacement for what you do with students!)

How Can We Use AP Daily?

  1. To summarize a lesson. The videos could be assigned as homework after the content has been taught in class. This gives students an opportunity to solidify their learning from class and sets them up to be able to apply their learning.

  2. To provide optional extra support. Making links to the videos available in case students get stuck on homework or missed pieces of the lesson is a perfect way to give differentiated support to students beyond the school day.

  3. As a review at the end of a chapter. The videos are short enough that students could watch all of them the night before the test, or even better, watch the videos for just the content where they need the most help.

Extra Details

  • Teachers have the option of assigning the videos to students. Simply click on the video, and then click the "Assign"button in the upper right corner. Teachers then have the ability to see which students have viewed the video (students must view 95% of the video for it to be counted as completed). Better yet, have students hand in the completed Calc Medic guided notes!

  • When clicking the "Assign" button, you can also "Copy Link"so that you can share the video with students. The URL can be pasted in Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, etc.

Calc Medic Guided Notes

To help your students stay focused during the video, have them complete the guided notes that precisely go along with each of the videos. Here is what you need to know:

  • Students will record important vocabulary, concepts, and example problems using open-ended and fill-in-the-blank prompts .

  • As best as we could, we tried to fit these on one page, so they can be printed on one piece of paper.

  • The notes were designed so that students can make sense of them later while studying without having to look back at the video.

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Katie Pence
Katie Pence
28 feb

Are there any plans to create these for AP Calculus AB? Thank you! :-)

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