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AP Calculus: I Have, Who Has?

Updated: Jun 13

When I took AP Calculus in high school, my teacher (Mrs. Triezenberg, she was a legend!) had us create "gold sheets" which were a two-column study tool to help us remember all the key content of the course. You can imagine that many, many entries were dedicated to derivative and antiderivative rules. And for good reason! Students who are fluent at finding derivatives and antiderivatives can free up working memory, allowing them to focus their cognitive resources on more challenging aspects of the exam.

Flashcards are a great way for students to practice these rules when they're studying on their own, but we also enjoy coming up with fun, interactive ways to reinforce these skills during class. To review derivative and antiderivative rules, we like to play "I Have, Who Has?".


Print one classroom set of the “I Have, Who Has?” cards and cut them out. Distribute them to your students. There are 30 cards total, so depending on the size of your class, some students will get multiple cards. All cards must be distributed.

Have your students stand in a circle. The person with the "Start" card reads their card out loud, ending with the question "Who has...?" The person who has that derivative or antiderivative will read their card next by saying "I have...". This then continues in a loop until all cards have been read and the final student says "End." Time your class and see if they can break their own record. You can even have different AP Calc periods at your school compete against each other to see who can get the fastest time.

This activity can be pulled out whenever you have 5-10 extra minutes in class, making it a quick, flexible review option that students enjoy! Download your card set below.

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