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Announcing Math Medic Foundation!

When Luke and Lindsey started Stats Medic in 2015, the goal was simple. Build an engaging introductory statistics course for their students at East Kentwood High School and then share it for free with the internet. Along the way, they developed an instructional model called Experience First, Formalize Later (or EFFL, for short). The goal of this teaching model is to provide students with opportunities to make sense of mathematical concepts in meaningful and relevant ways, and to ultimately improve students’ experiences with and perceptions of learning math. They quickly discovered that this unique student-centered way of learning statistics was highly effective for a wide range of students, a realization that was largely shaped by their school context. Kentwood Public Schools is home to students from over 60 countries speaking more than 80 languages, making it the #1 most diverse public school district in Michigan. In this setting, the power of peer-to-peer interaction in enriching all students’ learning experiences was even more visible.

As we extended the work to Calculus and other math courses, we remained committed to the mission of making math accessible to a wide audience.

In August 2021, Math Medic was created with the belief that all students deserve a high-quality mathematics education, and all teachers deserve high-quality resources. We share all of our lessons for free with the hope that by supporting math teachers we can reach even more students than the ones in our own classrooms. We are so grateful to all of you incredible teachers for using and sharing our lessons, but we know there is still so much more to be done! Through the work of supporting math teachers around the world, we are consistently reminded of how some students, teachers, and schools do not have access to resources needed for vibrant and equitable math classrooms. We need to do more.

This is why we have started the Math Medic Foundation, a public charity with the mission of connecting students, teachers, and schools to resources that increase equitable access to high-quality mathematics education.

The mission will be fulfilled in three ways:

  1. by awarding scholarships to students pursuing math-related endeavors,

  2. by providing grants to teachers for high-quality professional development, and

  3. by supporting schools that are in need of math-related resources.

To learn more about Math Medic Foundation or to apply for a scholarship, please visit

To make a one-time or a recurring monthly donation, click Donate.

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