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Unit 8 Review (Part 2)

Unit 8 Day 7
CED Topic(s):
3.13, 3.14, 3.15


Students work with various partners on problems pertaining to Unit 8 concepts. These include polar coordinates, complex numbers in polar and rectangular form, and graphs of polar functions and their rates of change.

Activity: Speed Dating



Lesson Handout

Answer Key


Additional Materials:

Recording Sheet: Word / PDF


Prep: Arrange the desks into concentric circles (Option 1) or a straight row (Option 2), where two desks are always facing each other as shown.


Print the problems and cut them up, placing one problem on each pair of desks, randomly. We suggest printing all the graphs on one color cardstock paper and all the equations on another color. Print the recording sheet for students to keep track of their work. Alternatively, you could have students work on mini-whiteboards. You will need a timer as well.

Play: In this speed dating activity students will work with various partners on some review questions. We recommend giving about 1-2 minutes for each “date” before having students switch desks to work on a new problem with a new partner. If your desks are arranged in circles, let the outer circle move clockwise and the inner circle move counterclockwise. If you have rows of desks, have one side move toward the front and the other move toward the back.

You may wish to go over some of the problems as a whole class in the last few minutes of class. We anticipate questions A and J will be challenging for students.

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