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AP Exam Review

Week 1 - Tuesday (Day 2)

Focus Area
  • Interpreting derivatives and integrals in context

Review Activity: Interpretation Tuesday



Teaching Tips

Today students will practice using proper units and interpreting rates of change and definite integrals in context. This shows up on free response questions but is also essential for students to be able to make sense of problems and identify what is being asked. The slide deck provides a variety of prompts for students to practice their interpretation as well as a final slide with a sentence frame for interpreting first and second derivatives. We have chosen to use the free pear-deck add-on so that students can post responses using a mobile device or Chromebook. The teacher can see all responses, project all responses, and show the distribution of answers to multiple choice questions. Another option would be to have students work in pairs or individually and write their answers on mini whiteboards to hold up. 

Extra time at the end of the class period could be spent making flashcards, doing practice problems, or working on the Calc Medic AP Calculus Review Course.

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