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AP Exam Review

Week 1 - Monday (Day 1)

Focus Area
  • Getting organized for the dedicated AP Exam review period

Review Activity


Teaching Tips

Congratulations! You’ve finished eight units of AP Calc material! We’ll spend the next four weeks on a targeted review for the AP Calc Exam with activities, practice tests, and reflection opportunities to help students retrieve and solidify their understanding of major Calculus concepts. Today’s goal is to get organized and answer student questions about what the next four weeks will look like. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to make a file folder for each student with all their unit tests and quizzes. This will make the process of going over tests in subsequent days much smoother.

Proper AP Calc review should go over main concepts, focus on test taking strategies, and give students several opportunities for practice in both multiple choice and free response formats. We’ve created such a resource for you with the Calc Medic AP Calculus Review Course. Our students are given time to go through the course in class and are also expected to complete portions at home. It’s easy to assign work, set due dates, and track your students’ progress!

Review includes

  • Instructional videos reviewing the entire AP Calculus curriculum, following the College Board Curriculum Framework.

  • AP Exam Tips that will help you maximize your score.

  • Practice multiple choice questions for each unit, with immediate feedback.

  • Practice free response questions for each unit, with instructions on how to grade using a rubric.

  • Full Practice Exam

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