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Checkpoint Review (Sections 5.5-5.7)

Unit 5 - Day 12

Quick Lesson Plan
Activity: Speed Dating



Lesson Handout

Answer Key


Recording Sheet

Experience First

Arrange the desks into concentric circles or 2 straight rows, where two desks are always facing each other. Print the problems and cut them up, placing one problem on each pair of desks. Students can work in notebooks or on mini whiteboards. You will need a timer as well.


In this speed dating activity students will work with a variety of partners on some review questions. We recommend giving about 1-2 minutes for each “date” before having students switch desks to work on a new problem with a new partner. If your desks are arranged in circles, let the outer circle move clockwise and the inner circle move counterclockwise. If you have rows of desks, have one side move toward the front and the other move toward the back. 

Formalize Later

Since students are reviewing for tomorrow’s checkpoint, there is no new information presented in today’s activity. Nevertheless, the activity does pose some challenges for students so a debrief of the hardest questions would round out the lesson well. The hardest questions for our students were A and D. Students still confused the meaning of a negative radius versus a negative angle, thinking that both represented a reflection, instead of an angle measured clockwise.


In question D, students had to write the equation of the line given by θ=5π/6. Many students were still not able to recognize this as a line passing through the pole with slope given by tan(5pi/6).

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