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AP Exam Review

Week 3 - Wednesday (Day 13)

Focus Area
  • Concepts from Unit 5 and Unit 6 (analytical applications of derivatives; basic integrals)

Review Activity 1: Going over Unit 5 and Unit 6 tests




Teaching Tips

Students will work in small groups to go over their Unit 5 and Unit 6 tests. We will have them use the “Going over Tests Protocol” document to guide their work. For more information about how we maximize student learning when looking at past assessments, check out our previous post here.

Review Activity 2: Flashcards


Materials: Notecards or slips of paper

Teaching Tips

Unit 5 and Unit 6 are FULL of key ideas that students need to master before the AP Exam. For this reason, we have students create flashcards to review justifications, theorems, and integral rules. We’ve found that some students have never made flashcards before so they might need some instructions about what goes on the front side, what goes on the back side, and how to quiz themselves using flashcards. 


Although flashcards are used primarily for memorizing vocabulary or formulas, they are excellent for remembering justifications. For example, one side might say “relative minimum” and the other side would say “f’ changes from negative to positive”. This will help students internalize exactly what is needed to justify these function features in a free response question. 


Basic antiderivative rules are another great item for flashcards, where one side has the indefinite integral expression and the other has the antiderivative (+C of course!). You could even have students write an integral expression on one side, and its interpretation on the other. Have students quiz themselves and each other. To make this activity competitive, have students time themselves and see how many they can get through in one minute. 


We generally use 3x5 notecards for this activity, but you may wish to simply cut up pieces of computer paper or use cardstock, as long as both sides can be written on.

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