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Interpreting Behavior of Accumulation Functions (Topic 6.5)

Unit 6 - Day 8

​Learning Objectives​
  • Make connections between the behavior of derivatives and antiderivatives.

​Success Criteria
  • I can interpret the behavior of an accumulation function given information about its derivative in various representations

Quick Lesson Plan
Activity: FRQUAD Activity


Materials: One copy of each FRQ per group; answer sheet for projection onto screen or whiteboard


Lesson Handout

Answer Key


Groups of 3 or 4 students compete to complete released AP Calculus AB FRQs and post their answers on a gameboard. This lively and fast-paced review activity encourages student-to-student conversations and high-level collaborative work. Once a group posts their solution to a particular problem on the answer grid, other groups are able to post a correction which keeps all groups engaged throughout the entire activity. 

Teaching Tips

Before starting the activity, have each group designate the one person who will write solutions on the board. Do not allow groups to change their answers once posted to the class. Clarify the degree of accuracy or labeling required before students begin work. Read through our instructions sheet to guide a conversation about possible strategies for winning. Have a selection of prizes available for a little added incentive: candy bars, pencils, trips to the Caribbean… whatever your resources allow!

Exam Insights

Learning just one part of the FTC opens up access to many AB free response questions in their original test form. Students can now work through an entire FRQ without their teachers first editing out material that students haven’t studied yet. The scoring rubric can now be followed with fidelity and our students begin to appreciate how complex and rigorous free response questions can be.

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