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Unit 6 - Day 20

​Learning Objectives​
  • Review Topics 6.1-6.10 & 6.14

Quick Lesson Plan
Activity: Jeopardy!








Additional materials:

  • Mini white boards

  • Markers

  • Erasers

Answer Key


For our second day of review, students played Unit 6 Jeopardy!  Sarah composed 25 questions covering 5 topics including Don’t let the Riemann Sum Go Down on Me, Hoarders Beware: Functions that Accumulate, The Integral Life, FTC ASAP, and I See You (sub). 

Teaching Tips

Create rules for the game that fit your needs but require every student to participate. 

Here is one option:  Create three teams to take turns choosing a question from the board. One pair of students on each team has a mini white board and marker. Team #1 chooses a question and then everyone works on a solution with paper and pencil, except the three pairs of students that work on their white boards. After 60 seconds (more or less, as you prefer), Team #1 reveals their white-board answer. If correct, Team #1 gets the points. Not correct? Look at the whiteboards for Team #2 and then Team #3. 

For the next round, white boards are given to a different pair of students and the question is chosen by Team #2, regardless of who earned points on the previous question. This prevents one team from dominating the game. The next question is chosen by Team #3 after white boards are handed to a different pair of students. 

There are many ways to facilitate a Jeopardy! game in the classroom. Most students enjoy the competition!

Alternative option: Team 1 chooses a question and everyone works on the solution (paper/pencil or whiteboard). After the allotted time, Team 1 shares their answer verbally. If it is correct, they earn the points. If it is incorrect, they lose the points and every other team has the option to steal by showing you their group answer that is written on their paper. Stealing earns half the points of the original question, incorrect steals means losing half of the points of the original question. Now it is Team 2’s turn to pick a category and point value. The game continues in this way.

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