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Unit 3 - Day 10

Quick Lesson Plan

Today is a day for students to ask any final questions before the Unit 3 test and to continue to practice their differentiation skills with the Personal Progress Checks provided by the College Board. While the multiple choice questions are better suited for individual practice, you may wish to give the FRQs to work on in groups. 

Teaching Tips

Going over homework can look differently in every classroom. We recommend not just having students give you problems and you completing them on the board. Encourage student ownership by having students answer each others’ questions. One way to do this is by having students fill out a quick form online or writing on a slip of paper what problems they would feel comfortable explaining and which ones they struggle the most with (before the review day). Once you have collected this data, you can set up stations in your room focused on the most challenging homework questions. Assign a table leader that can help the other students. Large whiteboards work great for this type of activity. Remind students that being a table leader does not require having a complete correct answer but being willing to facilitate a group discussion with some ideas for how to move forward.

Allow students to learn from their own mistakes and to learn from their peers.

At this point in the unit, we are in review mode. Student-to-student dialogue can be incredibly valuable for students (and we hope they are speaking correct calculus with each other!).

Exam Insights

Using time efficiently on the AP Calculus Test is imperative and one of the many test-taking skills that can lead to student success. Myriad techniques, strategies, and formulas are required throughout the test, but saving just a few seconds on each MCQ can provide a student just enough time for a particularly difficult question. Throughout the year, remind students that the AP Test is a marathon event and students must train and work intelligently! Choosing the most appropriate strategy for differentiation (or integration or calculator work) is one way in which students can work efficiently and save themselves precious time

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