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Summer Camp

Much more than a workshop. Let's just call it a career-changing Experience. 


Stats Medic summer camp is, in fact, all that it's cracked up to be. Luke and Lindsey let you into their classroom for a few days, and then pull back the curtain to show how they create it. I experienced what I want my students to experience in my own classroom, and now feel inspired and equipped to bring it back to them. Also, GREAT food. Seriously, it's a no-doubter; you should go!

Four Day Experience Includes:

  • Explore the “Experience First, Formalize Later” teaching model that engages student thinking and reasoning.​

  • Experience statistics instruction through the eyes of a student while Luke and Lindsey model EFFL instruction.

  • Learn about how to create EFFL experiences and design your own EFFL lessons.

  • Review the AP Statistics curriculum using student-centered activities. 

  • Build the story of inference by making connections throughout the whole year of instruction. 

  • Gain valuable teaching tips for helping your students to maximize their score on the AP Exam.

Extra Fun:

  • A sunset trip to Grand Haven beach on Lake Michigan.

  • A pub cruiser tour of famous Michigan breweries.

  • Kayaking and shopping in Rockford, Michigan.

  • All the best food that Grand Rapids has to offer. Seriously, every meal is great!

  • All the Stats Medic swag.



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