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What to Do After the AP Exam

Updated: May 11, 2023

Wondering what to do after the AP Exam? Depending on the date of the exam each year and when seniors leave, the time you have available for an after-exam-project may differ.

In our class, we generally do these 3 things:

Directions and resources for these projects can be found below.

Writing Assignment

After taking a year of Calculus, it can be fun to have students summarize their study of Calculus and identify the big ideas of the course. We couple this with the task of writing a letter to a future AP Calc student, giving advice and encouragement that will prepare them for the work ahead. This assignment takes about one class period, so it’s easy to fit in and versatile for the irregular end of school year schedules.


Write Your Own Exam Project

In our class we talk a lot about how memorizing procedures will not be sufficient for doing well on the AP Calc exam. This is because the exam questions assess conceptual understanding and flexible thinking, not just knowledge of procedures. After seeing plenty of sample multiple choice and free response questions throughout the year, we now give students the opportunity to write their own creative questions.

To scaffold the project we give deadlines for various parts of the project. Feel free to edit or remove these as needed. A grading rubric is included. In our class this project counts as their final test grade and students work on it for 1-2 weeks.

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