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Sneak Peek of the Calc Medic AP Calculus Review Course

Updated: Jan 26

The Calc Medic AP Exam Review Course launches February 1st, and the countdown to the AP Exam begins! The course contains loads of cool features, including:

  • 25+ instructional videos reviewing the entire AP Calculus AB curriculum, following the College Board CED.

  • Guided student notes to go with every video.

  • Strategy videos for tackling all parts of the AP Calculus AB Exam

  • AP Exam Tips that will help your students maximize their score.

  • Practice multiple choice questions for each unit, with immediate feedback.

  • Practice free response questions for each unit, with instructions on how to grade using a rubric.

  • Full Practice Exam

  • Closed captioning on all videos

  • Ability to monitor your own progress for all students in your class.

If you're a teacher, this couldn't be easier to use in your class. All documents are printable or shareable digitally, so you can have all the materials ready for students. There are guided notes pages that go along with each video and so many practice problems.

Check out one of our content videos on Connecting Derivatives. Here are the guided notes you would give to your students.

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Nov 15, 2023

I want to subscription the AP Calc review course exam. I already know price and How can I pay you to subscribe.


Diana Gomez
Diana Gomez
Mar 09, 2021

As teachers, how can we go about getting access to the material?

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