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Here we go!

It’s go time! Calc Medic is officially up and running. We’re so excited you’re coming along for the ride! Let’s start with the basics.


We’re AP Calc teachers Barb and Sarah, along with Luke and Lindsey from Stats Medic. We all teach at East Kentwood High School, the most diverse school in the state of Michigan. We each have different experiences, skill sets, and styles, but together we always make better lessons than we do individually. 


We design great lessons. We are hoping to transform Calculus classrooms away from lectures and hundreds of rote practice problems and towards engaging, interactive, deep learning experiences. This happens one teacher at a time, and we’re glad you will be joining us. 


School is fast approaching and it’s time to start planning. Have you looked at the new College Board Course and Exam Description? The Calc Medic lessons and activities are completely aligned with all the new standards so you can be sure that your year is off to a great start! And be sure to check out the Personal Progress Checks and the Question Bank. Those will be excellent resources for homework assignments or formative and summative assessments.

Here is a quick overview of what you need to know about Calc Medic:

(1)  Calc Medic is perfectly aligned to the new College Board Course and Exam Description (CED) for Calculus AB. Each lesson will be directly tied to the College Board Topics and every Learning Objective and Essential Knowledge Statement will be covered. In other words, if you follow our lessons, you’ll cover the whole CED.

(2)  Most Calc Medic lessons intended to introduce new concepts are designed using an Experience First, Formalize Later (EFFL) approach. In this model, students start the lesson by collaborating together to think and reason their way to answering an interesting question. In the end, the teacher formalizes the learning by layering the Experience with margin notes and providing definitions and formulas.

(3)  We will be adding lessons to the website as they are being developed. Barb and Sarah are the creative minds behind the awesome lessons (with input from Lindsey and Luke), which will be field tested in the AP Calculus classrooms at East Kentwood High School. We will do our best to stay ahead of you all, but realize we are full-time teachers too (with three preps!). 

Best of luck with the start of the new year!

Barb, Sarah, Lindsey, and Luke

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