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Everything You Need to Know about AP Precalculus

AP Precalculus is the newest AP Course and will be offered for the first time in the 2023-2024 school year. We’re excited to announce that Calc Medic is creating a FULL curriculum of EFFL lessons for every topic of the course! These lessons will be released this spring.

Is your school thinking about offering AP Precalc this fall? Here’s all the must-know information:

Who’s eligible to take the course?
  • Students who have completed Geometry and Algebra 2, or Integrated Math 3

  • Suitable for students who take Algebra 1 in 8th or 9th grade

What credit do students receive for taking AP Precalculus?
  • Counts as a math credit (college algebra equivalent) at many colleges and universities, including the majority of public institutions

  • At highly selective schools, Precalculus is not considered a college class and thus students can not earn college credit for AP Precalculus. Nevertheless, students taking this course will be well prepared for AP Calculus or a Calculus course at their college or university, as well as other math and science courses.

What's the big idea of the course? Functions!
  • Modeling with functions

  • Multiple representations of functions

  • Functions revealing a dynamic relationship between two variables

  • Symbolic manipulation of functions and algebraic equivalence

How is the course organized?
  • There are 4 units of study but only units 1-3 are tested on the AP Precalculus Exam and required by colleges for entrance into Calculus I.

  • The 4 units represent large areas of study, and the topics included in each unit represent a suggested sequence and list the essential knowledge students are expected to master. The topics do not represent individual lessons.

  • The course is designed to be taught in 140 45-minute class periods.

What is the structure of the exam?
  • 40 Multiple Choice Questions

  • 28 non-calculator (80 minutes)

  • 12 calculator (40 minutes)

  • 4 Free-Response Questions

  • 2 calculator (30 minutes)

  • 2 non-calculator (30 minutes)

  • The exam is 3 hours long.

The AP Course Audit opens in the Spring of 2023.
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