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Commonly Seen Free Response Questions on the AP Calc Exam

Updated: 4 days ago

While the AP Calc Exam presents students with with new, unique free response questions every year, looking at previous exams reveals some problem structures that are used repeatedly. For example, particle motion seem questions seem to show up almost every year, as do the infamous rate-in, rate-out questions. While we can't predict perfectly what kinds of problems will appear on the exam, getting students familiar with some commonly seen FRQ structures will go a long way toward preparing students for exam day.

In this video, we present six of the most commonly seen free response question structures and tips on how to tackle each one.

This video is part of the official Calc Medic AP Calculus Review Course. To receive access to more videos, practice problems, and full length practice exams, get a quote.

Download the handout for students to complete while watching the video.

Now it's time to practice! Below we've compiled a list of previously released FRQs that demonstrate each of these problem types. You can use these in class or assign them for homework, with students working individually, with partners, or in small groups.

You can now search for these FRQs in the Calc Medic FRQ Resource Page.

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1 Comment

Rand Wise
Rand Wise
Apr 17, 2023

This appears to only address AP Calculus AB. Do you have an equivalent treatment of BC?

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