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Calc Medic Wrapped: Top Lessons and Blog Posts of 2022

After a few crazy years in education of feeling like we had reached our limit, we are finally differentiating from the past few school years. This 22-23 school year feels like we are turning a corner, as our students are finally returning to the normal routines of school. We hope you all are noticing similar trends at your schools.

As always, we continue to be infinitely grateful to be part of this amazing community. Thank you for continuing to support each other as we all grow to become better Calc teachers.

Here is a summary of what happened at Calc Medic in 2022.


Totals for 2022

Number of new Calc Medic members: 12,123 Number of pageviews: 368,009 Current number of teachers in our Facebook group: 2,336 Current number of Twitter followers: 954


Top 5 Lessons of 2022

  1. Can a Human Break the Sound Barrier?

  2. Under Cover

  3. How Much Snow Is On Janet’s Driveway?

  4. Fast and Curious

  5. The Lovely Ladybug


Top 5 Blog Posts of 2022

  1. Early Solutions to the 2022 AP Calculus AB Free Response

  2. The 5 Commandments of Calculus

  3. Predictions for the 2022 AP Calculus Exam

  4. Commonly Seen Free Response Questions on the AP Calc Exam

  5. Things You Need to Know Cold for the AP Calc Exam

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