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AP Precalculus: I Have, Who Has?

There are some things AP Precalculus students will need to know cold for the exam. These are things like unit circle values, exponent properties, evaluating basic log expressions, and trig identities. We don’t want students to have to spend a ton of time trying to remind themselves of how these things work in the middle of the exam. Their cognitive energy should be dedicated to harder and more thought-provoking questions.

To make sure students have the basics down pat, we love playing “I Have, Who Has?” with our students. 


Print one classroom set of the “I Have, Who Has?” cards and cut them out. Distribute them to your students. There are 30 cards total, so depending on the size of your class, some students will get multiple cards. You must distribute all of the cards, otherwise the game won’t work!

Have your students stand in a circle. The person with the "Start" card reads their card out loud, ending with the question "Who has...?" The person who has the answer will read their card next by saying "I have...Who has…?". This then continues in a loop until all cards have been read and the final student says "End." Time your students and see if they can get faster. You can even have different AP Precalc periods at your school compete against each other to see who can get the fastest time.

This activity can be pulled out whenever you have 5-10 extra minutes in class, making it a quick, flexible review option that students enjoy! Download your card set below.

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