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Quiz 2.5 to 2.8

Day 29

Chapter 2 Big Ideas
Answer Key:
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At the beginning of the hour, we had students get out their Chapter 2 Big Ideas, which includes all of the interpretations they need to know for the quiz.  They spent 10 minutes in pairs quizzing each other.  One student would randomly pick one idea on the left for the other to have to recall.  Then the students would switch.  They did this until they had tried all of the Big Ideas from Chapter 2.  Students had the most trouble recalling the interpretation for s and r2.

Quiz 2.5 to 2.8

Overall student performance on this quiz was very good.  They did much better with interpretations than they did on the Chapter 1 quizzes.  We think this is improving for three reasons: (1) students are now realizing that they aren’t in a math class like they had first suspected and that the expectations are different in Statistics.  (2) We were very intentional about giving them time in class before the quiz to practice their interpretations.  (3) We are working hard to give students good contexts and Activities that lead to interpreting statistical ideas, so that interpretations don’t turn into a memorizing activity.

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