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Chapter 7 Review

Day 112

Activity: Four Step Practice Questions
Answer Key:
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Since students have been using the 4 Step Confidence Intervals Template for the Four Step process up until this point, we wanted to make sure to get some extra practice in without the templates before the test.  It’s important that students know what they are successful with and what they need to work on.  To help with this, we had students start the first question by themselves.  They should only complete the portions of the question that they know how to do, i.e. the Plan portion or the Conclude portion, etc.  After they’ve completed as much of the problem as they know, they will switch their work with their neighbor.  The partner should add in any missing work using a different color pen so that the student will know what they missed the first time.  After the partner adds in as much as possible, they will trade one more time with other pair of students in their group of 4.

Depending on how well students are doing with the Four Steps, you could repeat this process for the remaining practice problems or they could just complete them individually or in pairs.

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