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Chapter 6 Review

Day 63

Activity: Rules for Means and Variances
Activity Link Pic.JPG

This worksheet is a review of the rules for transforming and combining random variables. Students construct probability distributions, find the mean and variance of each using the rules, then verify using the calculator. The last two questions can start a very interesting conversation about how X + X does not equal 2X (for random variables). I got this activity from another AP Stats teacher sometime between 2003 and 2013. If you know who, let me know and I will certainly give them credit.

Activity: Find the Cherry Starbursts

My daughter Reese always picks out all of the cherry starburst as soon as we open the bag. This is not acceptable and so now she is required to take a random sample. Her preference for the cherry flavored Starburst led to this worksheet. Students review the conditions for a binomial distribution, the formula for calculating binomial probabilities, and using the Normal approximation.

Update: my daughter did find a solution to our problem.

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